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Episode 6:

Lydia Bowers

People & Culture Lead @ Spyce Food Co.
Lydia Bowers is the People & Culture Lead @ Spyce Food Company. In this episode we talked about working in Human Resources & Talent Acquisition in a startup environment that has both a corporate function and hourly workers in their restaurant.

We talked about everything from the difference between job descriptions and job postings, what drove her to work at a small startup, and how she experiments on projects to grow the company. 


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Episode 5:

Michelle Cataldo

Sales Recruiter, Employer Branding, Community Impact @ Wordstream
Michell Cataldo was the Sales Recruiter, Employer Brand Manager, and Community Impact Manager at Wordstream.

Since the recording this week's podcast, Michelle's position was eliminated as a result of COVID-19. She is actively seeking opportunities in the Tampa, Fl or Boston, MA areas. If you know anyone hiring please reach out to Michelle directly at

Let's help Michelle find her next job!

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Veeva Systems, the leader in cloud software for the life sciences industry, is hiring a VP of Talent Attraction based in their new Boston office. This hands-on role is set to operationalize and execute Veeva's non-traditional recruitment model globally. You'll oversee a growing team that includes Talent Partners who are actively identifying and engaging talent, Talent Operations who are driving systems, processes, and data, and Talent Marketing who is focused on recruitment enablement and employer brand content.

If you're someone who can think outside the traditional recruitment box and is ready to lead Veeva as they grow to 10,000 employees by 2025, then apply today.

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Episode 4:

Jaclyn Jussif

Head of Talent @ Verily
This week's guest in The Talent Bubble is Jaclyn Jussif, Head of Talent @ Verily Life Sciences (a subsidiary of Alphabet).

Talking to Jaclyn is like getting a crash course in being the head of talent at a fast moving talent company. It's great to her someone who is passionate about positioning her team as a business partner.

We talked about everything from how to jumpstart your employer brand efforts, the 5 things you need to learn to be a great recruiter, and how she navigated becoming the new manager of an existing team. She also shared a really amazing, feel good story about being a recruiter at the very end.



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Episode 3:

Abbey Cohn

Sr. People Operations Associate @ EverQuote
This week's guest on The Talent Bubble podcast is Abbey Cohn, Sr. People Operations Associate at EverQuote. We talked about how she crushes campus recruiting in one "Super Day", the women's retention study they recently conducted at EverQuote, and how she got into employer branding.   



Episode 2:

Braden Marstellar

Brand Marketer @ Cogo Labs
This week's guest on The Talent Bubble podcast is Braden Marstellar, Brand Marketer at Cogo Labs. Braden partners closely with the talent acquisition team at Cogo to make sure they are attracting the right people. We talked about the branding challenges that come with being a reverse incubator and how they collaborate with different teams across the company to create content and bring candidate feedback into their hiring process. 



Episode 1:

Sarah Magner

Engineering Recruiter @ Hubspot
This week in The Talent Bubble I sat down with Sarah Magner at the Hubspot HQ. We talked about how vulnerability has helped her become a better Recruiter, tips for building lasting relationships with candidates and how she views career paths as building a legacy.




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